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Come for a walk or bike ride between fields of almond and cherry blossoms; to hike by the rocks and hills, among forest of pine and holm oaks, to enjoy peaceful, harmonious and calm landscapes. In the hotel we provide marked itineraries that you can follow on your own and, on a monthly basis, we program guided routes together with irresistible gastronomic proposals. Welcome to the Vall d'Alcalà, a small universe where life flows slowly and quietly and the stones whisper centuries-old stories.

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Paradise amongst mountains
La Vall d'Alcalà is a valley between valleys surrounded by wild and solitary mountains, where the echo of the Muslim leader Al-Azraq still resonates, the only one that raised against King Jaume I, as well as that of our Saracen ancestors, who inhabited these lands for almost nine centuries. Come to enjoy and discover this serene, wild, and almost untouched piece of nature.
Moorish settlement
Very close to our hotel is the Moorish village of l'Adzubieta, the largest and best preserved ruins of its gender in Spain. Here it is still possible to feel clearly the mark of our Andalusian ancestors, expelled in a terrible way in 1609. Other ruins that are worth visiting are those of La Queirola, in Beniaia. But there are even more, and there is a circular route linking a few of them.
A walk to Beniaia
La Vall d'Alcalà is made up of two population centers: Alcalà de la Jovada and Beniaia, which sum up together 200 inhabitants. The two of them exude the essence of the small inland villages. From Alcalà you can walk to Beniaia in just one hour. You will be surprised by this small village full of charm, with its only two streets-the top and bottom-and its wonderful old wash house...
La Penya Foradà
It is the great stone icon of the neighbour valleys La Vall d'Alcala and La Vall de Gallinera. There are a thousand ways to climb this rock placed right in the middle of the mountain range to which it gives its name. It rises 732 meters of altitude and acts as a natural border between the two valleys. The tour to the "forat" – Valencian for "hole" is a marvelous walk suitable for all ages, whether you prefer the short or the long option.